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Joint Program of Activities (JPA) - Work packages

Overall strategy and general description

The JPA of NEWCOM++ is articulated into the traditional four main NoE activities, namely, Integration, Research, Spreading of Excellence, and Management. In the following, we will give both a short summary and the detailed description of the Work Packages belonging to these areas.

The overall NEWCOM++ organization is shown here. It comprises 11 core research workpackages (WP R.1-11) spanning physical layer communications (PHY), networking (NET) and cross-layer interactions (X-LAYER). The number of workpackages in X-LAYER combining both concepts from networking and physical-layer communications is substantial, allowing for a guarantee that the objectives of spectral efficiency and robustness are properly and jointly addressed.

From a purely academic perspective this will surely further lead to cross-fertilization and exchange of ideas, mathematical tools and design methodologies stemming from the different scientific communities comprising the consortium. The notion of flexibility is manifested in the majority of the workpackges as will be described in greater detail below.

NEWCOM++ project organization

The transversal workpackages (WPR.A, WPR.B, WPR.C) interact with many core research WPRs and provide vehicles for both realization of fundamental concepts (WPR.C), provision of secrecy and security features at all levels of the communication process (WPR.A) and spatial information processing to enhance both end-user quality-of-service and system spectral efficiency and robustness (WPR.B). These all naturally involve aspects stemming from PHY, NET and X-LAYER. In addition, the NEWCOM++ organization provides a tight link between WPR.C and the WPR in order to focus the implementation effort on the most appropriate scientific results stemming from core research. This is clearly an important integration effort between workpackages since it will demonstrate the true strength of the NEWCOM++ approach through the refinement process of taking new abstract concepts and bringing them to practical implementations. This process will necessarily require collaboration between fundamental and experimental researchers under the coordination of the scientific board in order to be successful. Similar interactions can be seen between WPR.A and the WPR. For example, the physical layer security mechanisms under investigation rely heavily on proper modeling of reciprocity in the wireless propagation medium
which is an aspect under consideration in WP1. The security metrics for wireless networks under study in WPR.A will necessarily have a strong link with opportunistic networks in WP11. With respect to WPR.B, workpackages WPR.1 (channel modeling), WPR.2 (related to channel estimation and synchronization), WPR.6 (relaying and collaboration) and WPR.11 (opportunistic networks) will all exhibit explicit interaction with WPR.B.

Vice-Directors for Research: Pierre Duhamel, Sergio Palazzo


A series of integration workpackages (WP I.1-6) provides the means for interactive dissemination of NEWCOM++ activities through web-based tools, open-source simulation software and platforms, higher education programs, valorization of human capital, and finally the vision book which will yield a compilation of the most significant results of the discipline as seen by the researchers within the consortium. In addition, input to the entire set of core research activities in the form of system requirements is provided by WP I.6. This workpackage also acts as a source of bi-directional feedback from external parties, primarily industry and affiliated partners, as a result of dissemination activities.

Head of Integration: Luis Correia


Four workpackages (WP S.1-4) are dedicated to the spread of information in the traditional academic sense through organization of conferences and meetings, organization of special issues in scholarly journals, dissemination events targeted towards industry, and finally internet-based scientific dissemination.

Head of Spreading of Excellence: Hikmet Sari


The three management workpackages (WP M.1-3) assure the interaction and proper functioning of the WPR both in terms of guaranteeing scientific excellence and proper management. Finally one will be devoted to promoting the results of the network and its sustainability.

Management Directors: Sergio Benedetto, Marco Luise

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