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NEWCOM++ WHERE 2010 Summer School on Localization in Wireless Networks

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NEWCOM++/WHERE 2010 Summer School on Localization in Wireless Networks June 28-July 1 2010, Aalborg University, Denmark

The objective of the school is to provide a sound overview of modern
localization techniques in wireless networks. To this aim tutorial-like
and topic-specific courses have been selected on topics that altogether
cover the broad spectrum of theoretical methods and frameworks on which
modern localization rely.
Well-established experts will present the theoretical tools, describe
and discuss the relevant solutions and methods, and address still open
issues in these topics.

The selected programme of the school offers courses on the following
topics (categorized in four areas):

* Channel Characterization for Positioning and Communications
    o Channel modelling and estimation for localization and communications
    o UWB channel characterization and dedicated modelling tools for ranging
and positioning application

* Non-cooperative Positioning Techniques
   o Single- and double-bounce localization
   o Ultra-wide bandwidth technology for high-accuracy positioning
   o Positioning techniques for 3GPP-LTE systems
   o Distributed-weighted multidimensional scaling for hybrid peer-to-peer
   o Time-of-arrival of signals and positioning with cognitive radios: a
modern review of delay estimation techniques

* Positioning in Cooperative Systems
  o Localization in Cooperative Wireless Networks – Theory, Algorithms and
  o High-precision passive localization through UWB radar sensor networks
  o Dealing with non-line-of-sight measurements using projection on convex

* Location-based enhanced communication systems
  o Location-aided channel estimation and prediction
  o Geo-Location aware physical layer communication
  o Joint channel estimation and detection assisted by power delay profiles
  o Cooperative communications using positioning information

There will also be one demo in which a UWB test-bed will be presented.

For further and updated information, please visit the School website:

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